In any club and at any party people can sometimes get annoyed by the DJ’s choice in music. The wrong track selection may lead to the crowd casting down an eye on the music man. In all actuality the DJ is only trying to improve each person’s experience by choosing to take a chance and move the party to an alternate spectrum of music.

This can play out both ways, but any experience is good experience, especially when you’re mixing for a new crowd.

Good music selection and playlists are half the recipe of a great party. So called ‘epic sets’ don’t get made overnight. However, some happen in the heat of the moment, when the DJ suddenly turns to a song or genre that he wouldn’t have normally mixed. This ‘alter ego’, that all DJs share, can be the defining element in what makes a set stand out. Lurking within one genre can be effective only if the party’s theme focuses on an individual type of music.

Each party has to be an experiment, unless it’s rigged from the get-go.

The DJ must trust his or her tendencies to play and mix completely different music simply because the crowd becomes one if all musical tastes are quenched. Years of mixing in front of different crowds teaches DJs that each partygoer has different tastes in shaking their behinds. It also disproves the fact that DJs should only roam in known territory.

DJing is the one of the activities where being musically bipolar helps.

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