Setting and triggering cue points is a standard feature in DJ software. This is why on all our software you can easily do this by using your controller, keyboard and/or mouse. On mobile devices touching is the main control option but you can connect other small controllers via an USB adapter.

Cues are like audio bookmarks and, just like bookmarks, they need to be placed fast and conveniently.

Heard something you like? Use your controllers’ cue pad to set each point individually, then press them again to trigger them. Deleting cues is just as easily done by holding down the specific cue pad you want erased. To fine tune the position of a cue-point simply pause the playback and go back and forth using the jogwheel until the trigger is set perfectly. Pausing the playback o a track will enable you to quickly fine tune the setting of a new cue-point.

Each movement of the jogwheel, followed by a press of a cue pad sets a new cue-point.

Mouse and keyboard users can just as easily set and trigger by left-clicking on one of the five cue-point buttons or by pressing the Learn button and assigning any key to a corresponding cue button. Moreover, once you set your cues you can modify the start and end point of a song with the Mix In/Out buttons, suddenly transforming the AutoMix feature into a treat to use.

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