On every New Year’s Eve everyone is pressing their mind’s Ctrl Alt Delete in an attempt to reboot the “system” and restore the settings to the default preference of what each person wants to achieve. DJs most of all have big dreams when their lives are starting to enter the spotlight. This is why every DJ striving to reach their goal, whether it’s producing music or mixing at huge venues, need to press their DJ Control Alt Elite:


Control what you’re doing through constant practice.

Alternate styles of mixing and of music to open new doors.

Being an Elite DJ is your target for 2017.

Planning is half way to your success, so never underestimate having a good strategy, no matter how long term it may seem. Imagine building a house without any sort of plan… you might get the foundation right, but once you get to the walls, windows and roof, everything might get confusing if you don’t know what you want this investment to look like.

During this season of giving we would like to wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year. On behalf of the entire Xylio team, may all your parties come true and your public scream: “Whoo!” Have an awesome last bash for 2016 and let’s welcome 2017 party ready!

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