DJ battles have always been showing amazing feats into what the art of DJing can produce. It’s a great way of extending your skills by mixing competitively. You’re there to create a journey, just like you would for an audience, but now you have to build it in order to prove to your competition that you deserve to be no. 1, which is an amazing place to be, even if it’s a local gathering.

Any DJ techniques you didn’t see coming are a healthy way of opening new DJ avenues for you…

Anyone would be having second thoughts to challenging these 3 DJ legends, but that’s ok. You can go to these competitions and observe not only the skills they’re showing off, but the attitude and the way they move as well. After all, motion creates emotion. Another good way would be to gather your DJ mates to transform DJ battles into less threatening, more creative displays in which all of you are developing skills from each other.

Use pro’s quick Learn mapping system together with features such as video overlaying to discover new key mapping flows that may add to your performance’s artistic reaches in both sound and visuals. DJ battles can also be recorded and posted in order to show that you’re constantly exploring new paths as a DJ and the next time you wish to get work as a DJ, this could make the difference in getting booked by a venue.