DJ gigs are the dream job that any new DJ wants to get as quickly as possible to it. You’ve been practicing at home, at your friends’ place and now you want to start playing at clubs and festivals. All DJs that are “gig-ready” should ask themselves honestly the following question:

“Am I doing all within my power to get some DJ work?”

If you’re starting new, no one knows you. It’s entirely up to you to change that and this is why answering the question above is so important.

Since the digital era offers a multitude of platforms, make sure that you have a tangible product… record some mixes. Burn them on CDs, copy them to cheap USBs… no matter the means, make sure that when you get in touch¬† with someone who works as a DJ/club manager or knows the music industry in your town, give them that USB stick with your mixes or your own music production.

Handing someone with influence in the club scene your musical work, proves to that person that you’re focused full time on working as a DJ and constantly bringing new material.

Promote yourself online in any way, go to parties and introduce yourself to DJs, club owners, make podcasts, record videos at gigs, join a DJ friend and put them online. The point is that there are many many ways in which you can do this; I even saw a DJ that was hired to play alongside artists.

So there’s that… but don’t assume that if you got a DJ residency at your favorite club you can breathe easily and stop promoting yourself. Even big clubs often close down and when that happens it will literally pay if you took the time to show people that you’re actively DJing and the next time they’re booking they could think of you.

Getting DJ gigs needs you to plan ahead because life can always transition you to the unexpected and it may not be in-sync with what you planned.

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