The importance of learning and developing DJ skills often enough warrants the overall specialization of any DJ. There are countless directions that can be considered when it comes to what parties a DJ would play at… house parties, attic parties, mountain side parties, parties in the woods, silent parties, massive festivals and many many more. However, this time we’re looking at more of a niche type of party that has been grabbing a lot of attention because it’s the only party on wheels.

Most people would say that rollerskates and music are a deadly cocktail that could only result in some nasty falls and most of my friends would also agree. Snoop Dogg completely disagrees, however, as we can see in this clip of him DJing:

Two of the main DJ skills Snoop is using here, apart from his notoriety, are music selection and playing the role of the MC. Knowing what tracks to play that compliment the setting and the ways people can dance on rollerskates is a sure way of attracting more “wheeling” participants. Try playing drum’n’bass or dubstep and the balance could be well shifted from dancing to falling. There are many hardcore skaters that would dance on wheels to just about anything like a bunch of pro athletes:

Just like with Snoop’s excellent use of the microphone that he constantly used to stay in touch with his audience, the outdoor flexibility that comes with them, parties on wheels bring forward a sense of community that much larger festivals lack. Your DJ skills will make a difference when it comes to choosing music, mixing it in your own style and using visuals to make your performance that more engaging, but the attitude that you’ll be putting forward will be half of the battle won. The enthusiasm and hype you can create over the microphone needs to roll as naturally as your public is rolling on wheels or as a friend of mine who DJs at a skate rink said:

“You need all your DJ skills, first aid training and the attitude of an aerobics instructor.”