New Maintenance Release – future dj pro 1.11.2

Just off of hot press we give you a new future dj pro release – version 1.11.2 which is basically a maintenance release. Here are the changes we’ve made: removed 3rd-party services tracks from the search results if they are not truly active. Not only the... pro 1.8.4 with new Numark controllers

We have just release version 1.8.4 of our flagship pro DJ mixing software: pro. What’s new: native support for 2 new Numark controllers and also a bunch of fixes. The DJ controllers from Numark are pretty nice mid-level ones and offer 4 and 2 decks...

Big new release – pro 1.8

It’s finally here! Version 1.8.0 of pro brings a lot of new functionality and changes especially for Mac users. This is a free upgrade for all our users. To upgrade simply download and install the latest demo version from our website. If you already...

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