Music is hooking everyone on a feeling and it’s been doing so ever since it got played. The only things that may have surpassed the desire for great music are wealth, fame and food. Fortunately, DJ appetite has stayed faithful to music, but to what extent?!

Sure, most DJs are playing all the hottest tracks and people love it. However, diversifying your “taste” may allow you to know your musical self better.

Don’t get me wrong. Remixing popular songs is almost a sure way into the hearts of most crowds but if you only “eat McDonald’s” for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it might not prove healthy for you in the long run. You need to eat veggies, meat and fruit just like you need to explore other branches in music. You can mark different genres of music in pro by simply using the color buttons to highlight your mixing preferences. Only when experimenting with sound to the full extent will you be able to have a true connection with your audience during your live performance.

Even dedicated DJs who only play a certain genre are sampling and listening to musical styles that you wouldn’t even imagine them playing or mixing.

This is not only a way in which you can explore your musical taste and increase your DJ appetite, but also a means through which you stay on top of your game. By knowing where you fit in all of the multitude of performers, musicians, DJs and YouTubers that put their sounds out there, you will surely find ways to differentiate yourself from others. There are many who have become followed by millions simply because they don’t fit in at all and there’s no way of knowing unless you navigate the sea of sound.

Sorting out your preferences is the quickest way of knowing your audience is experiencing what you intended.

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