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We make DJ software for Mac, PC and iPad. Since 1999.

Mix audio, video and karaoke with ease and flexibility. This is our intro DJ software designed for beginner, intermediate DJs or simply people looking to have fun at a party while mixing. The best tool to learn how to DJ.


This is our flagship product, packed with the latest pro DJ features that answer the needs of both professional and enthusiast DJs. You can mix everything: audio, video, karaoke. 80+ MIDI/HID controllers are supported natively.


Our DJ mixing app for iPad/iPhone that allows you to mix an entire party like a pro dj. Includes features such as fully automatic/manual mixing, auto BPM detection, beat-matching, looping, samplers, XY effects pad and more.


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How DJs Can Avoid Getting Stuck

There comes a time in any DJ’s life when everything you try seems to get you paralyzed by all the features and choices that are available, both in the DJ app you’re using and in the tricks that your DJ gear is capable of. DJs tend to freeze their efforts... read more

DJ Complexity Is Unique Simplicity

DJ complexity can be misunderstood with doing a lot at once, but as we all know, DJing is more about bringing a tingling feeling to the party, always ensuring the atmosphere matches with people’s expectations, surprising some with unexpected touches and others... read more

DJ Gear: Small vs. BIG Controllers

It’s not about size. It’s how you use controllers to complement your DJ set. MIDI and HID controllers have come a long way since the 2000s and they’re one of the most beloved DJ gear out there. Controllers come in all shapes and sizes, features,... read more

[release] pro 1.3.1 and One-week Special Offer

First time trying our pro DJ app? Whether you love mixing audio, video or singing karaoke, pro brings a complete solution at an affordable price. This week only, we have a one-time 50% discount for pro on the Mac App Store, as well as on our store... read more

DJ Safety Guarantees the Party’s Well-being

DJ safety isn’t an aspect that’s being taken seriously. From small parties to bigger venues, most performing artists are so absorbed by making sure people are having a great time that they completely ignore the risks that can sometimes take place.  Even... read more

DJ App Crafting

A DJ app should always be built on and revolve around the needs of the DJs using it. Being niche developers has taught us the importance of respecting each individual need, every time we were asked to fulfill it. We see our website as a DJ app crafting tool because... read more

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