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We make DJ software for Mac, PC and iPad. Since 1999.

Mix audio, video and karaoke with ease and flexibility. This is our intro DJ software designed for beginner, intermediate DJs or simply people looking to have fun at a party while mixing. The best tool to learn how to DJ.

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This is our flagship product, packed with the latest pro DJ features that answer the needs of both professional and enthusiast DJs. You can mix everything: audio, video, karaoke. 80+ MIDI/HID controllers are supported natively.

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Our DJ mixing app for iPad/iPhone that allows you to mix an entire party like a pro dj. Includes features such as fully automatic/manual mixing, auto BPM detection, beat-matching, looping, samplers, XY effects pad and more.


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DJ Controller Switch

Each DJ set comes with its own requirements of what needs to be done in order to wow the crowd. We understood this perfectly from all of you. Some nights could prove to be more demanding than others and if you find yourself lacking a piece of DJ gear, being able to... read more

DJs Should Avoid YouTube Rips

First of all, ripping any sound is a total rip off, for everyone. When finding a true gem of a song on the “dark webs”, this should merely be a guideline of taking the step to find that track at a more than decent quality. Sound piracy on its own is a vast... read more

Too Young or Too Old to Learn How to DJ

People can face their biggest trial in reaching out towards a passion they didn’t know they had. Some may argue that there’s a certain age for certain things, but when starting to learn how to DJ there is never a moment when you’re either too young... read more

DJ Diversification

Years on end I’ve battled with having the urge to be up-to-date with the very latest DJ gear, constantly selling my equipment to buy new one that, in my mind, increased my DJ skills with each purchase. Not all may face this prospect, but sooner or later each DJ... read more

Why DJ with pro?

Why DJ when you can VJ? Mixing video has always been more fun, especially when you can send your video output to a separate screen (TV/projector). As our feedback grew we built pro to be as simple yet versatile as you, our relentless DJs, have suggested.... read more

Go DJ! That’s My DJ!

Following the path of the DJ, most are faced with a multitude of choices that are in front of them. The countless directions that a DJ can take, starting from what music he or she mixes pr produces, all the way to the endless list of DJ gear that one can use to create... read more

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