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We make DJ software for Mac, PC and iPad. Since 1999.

Mix audio, video and karaoke with ease and flexibility. This is our intro DJ software designed for beginner, intermediate DJs or simply people looking to have fun at a party while mixing. The best tool to learn how to DJ.

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This is our flagship product, packed with the latest pro DJ features that answer the needs of both professional and enthusiast DJs. You can mix everything: audio, video, karaoke. 80+ MIDI/HID controllers are supported natively.

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Our DJ mixing app for iPad/iPhone that allows you to mix an entire party like a pro dj. Includes features such as fully automatic/manual mixing, auto BPM detection, beat-matching, looping, samplers, XY effects pad and more.


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DJ Musical Flow

The song order in which a DJ set flows is just like the lyrics of a voice singer and the notes of an instrument. When the singer misses a tone or forgets the words, that can’t make him or her look too professional to the fans. The same treatment can happen to... read more

DJ Mind Wisdom Seed

Whenever we get an amazing idea we think that the sheer wow factor of the idea will be enough for any DJ mind to hold and preserve the thought in a perfect, unaltered state. So certain are some DJs of their ability to fully replicate an idea they had days ago, that... read more

Video Overlays in pro 1.4

Version 1.4.0 has seen lots of improvements as well as the addition of a kick-ass new feature that lets you add any layers of videos, images and text to your video output. Our video overlays system allows advanced editing of all layers in real time or in... read more

DJ Party Calendar

Around the world, a DJ party can take many shapes and shape in many places. There is a wide variety of parties, from big festivals to parties that happen around certain holidays; many themes and occasions exist throughout each country with its distinct cultures and... read more

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