For the last couple of years vinyl has been making a surprising comeback, not just because countless artists still release their albums in this format, but the technology for vinyl has reached its pinnacle. Many established or upcoming DJs are rushing toward mixing timecode.

The purist DJs will ask Santa for a mint pack of awesome records, cleaning kits and perhaps some timecode vinyls as well.

This renewed love for vinyl comes from a long line of DJs that have used it to make some of the most compelling sets. There have been many advances with timecode that allow for a very straightforward mixing experience due to the versatility of not having to deal with more than 2 physical vinyls. Even in the 2017 DMC World champions we see the competitors using timecode vinyl with DJ software… and he’s 12 years old: pro is now compatible with 8 timecode vinyl (ranging from Torq, Ms. Pinky and Xylio Native).

The art of crate digging takes many years of a DJ’s life to gather all that one is searching for and this is why crate diggers  are also more than accustomed to carry their crates wherever they have a new party. Even though having and playing the actual vinyl gives a more authentic feel, this will always be too cumbersome of an undertaking. Still, most DJs would find carrying vinyl crates more manageable than mixing tape:

How do you view vinyl’s future and how many DJ sets do you make in vinyl? Furthermore, how’s your DJ Xmas list looking this year?

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