No matter what pro DJ app you choose, amazing sounding results will form, some straight away, others in time. Most of us often get frustrated with different kinds of software when we don’t get the desired outcome (simply because we haven’t mastered its secrets yet).

We believe an app can give the user countless possibilities by unfolding advanced functionalities in a way that advanced opens up into fun from the get-go.

This is our offering to those of you that are seeking an easy-to-learn DJ/VJ app, which wraps the simplicity and essence of sound around the underlying complexity of what you can do in pro.

Features such as video effects and transitions, loop-to-sample swapping (from any track or sound), seamless controller change (connect, disconnect and reconnect any controller/device without restarting the app) + loads of new additions recommended by our awesome community, helped us create a DJ app that combines ease of use with fun and performance:

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