Music makes the people come together, so it makes sense that all DJs are in an endless race to get the latest and greatest, oldest and coolest tracks out there. We search for music in the most extreme depths of the internet. Most DJs don’t even buy their music. This is why pirated music is a risk that we don’t think about very often, but it is real; however, the risk that almost always happens with pirated music is the difference between audio quality.

If only there was a music streaming service for DJs that would be integrated in the DJ software which could be used to play LEGALLY anywhere at top notch audio quality…

What if you had access to a service that was fully integrated with pro, giving you unlimited access to over 44 MILLION songs, and, most importantly, all DJs were able to play any song anywhere without having to worry about copyright infringement of any sort. 44 million songs is a music collection larger than any DJ can ever hold on his laptop. Imagine finding all the music you’ve ever wanted just by writing in your DJ app’s search bar; no need to switch windows or tabs.

Just think of not having to worry about getting a hold of music EVER AGAIN!

Better yet, what if you had at your disposal your own personal music “locker” in which tracks can be dropped for OFFLINE use. You’d just need to log in initially and your music will follow you; no further internet required. This would be ideal for parties that take place in remote venues. DJs would be able to take their music into the woods.

No other music streaming service allows offline use of your playlists, so this would truly be a FIRST.

Stay tuned for an announcement about it all – this month.

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