Audio (or video,) samples have always added an extra dash of fun to a set. The fact that you can make a sample from virtually any source is a freedom that most DJ find that they bring a degree of uniqueness to their performance.

Any recording, video or audio, can be edited in a multitude of free software (like Audacity), many awesome samples resulting from a single source if done properly. I don’t know about you but that siren sample that some DJs play in their mix really gets on my nerves. Of course, finding samples and listening to which ones fit your sound can be VERY time consuming. Many friends of mine that DJ told me they don’t use samples simply because they don’t have the patience to chop a sample properly. To be honest it annoys me as well sometimes, but, it’s amazing what you can create if you just take your time with each step.

However, I’ve recently fell in love with a feature that not only makes sampling way easier, but also doesn’t require me to open any other software. By creating any loop of a section I love , pro then lets me send me that loop to any sample bank, giving me full control over the pitch, sync, volume of any loop I send. I recently did this at a house party and boy did I feel dumb for not using this before…I can sample anything LIVE. The party was amazing and I was loving the fact that I didn’t need to worry about what sample I can add to my mix to make it my own. Why panic over endless lists of samples when I can just monitor everything with my headphones while mixing. It actually helped me introduce the next tracks sleeker than ever by using parts from it in the sampler.