We have just updated future.dj pro (and the regular version: future.dj) to 1.5.4. This is mostly a maintenance release.

Changes (see them all):

  • mixer’s EQ ranges adjusted for better tweaking
  • in future.dj (the regular version) the headphone cueing system works as in future.dj pro
  • changed default pitch range setting (PitchRange) to +/-8% (from 16%)
  • fixed Finder/Explorer (inside the Browser section) to show folders/files sorted alphabetically and other improvements
  • fixed crash when loading tracks with very low sample rate (22kHz or lower)
  • removed smaller resolutions video recording options – only HD/full-HD available

This is a FREE update for all our users. Download the future.dj pro update: macOS or Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit.

P.S. we have 104 controllers natively supported. Here’s the complete list.