We’ve just released the new future.dj pro 1.4.0. This is a free upgrade for all our existing customers.
Besides the brand new Hercules Jogvision controller (which is simply great) we have an important new feature called Video Overlays (for now you can access it using: Preferences -> Video tab -> Video Overlays).

This is a very flexible way to add texts, images and even video overlays to your video screen. For example, you can add a picture and a Happy Birthday text to the screen. You can have your own logo in a corner. All items you can add can be rotated, moved (aligned), resized, you can set their opacity, etc. You can prepare items or groups of items live or in advance (preproduction). We will release a video demoing this brand new feature – stay tuned!


  • Video Graphics Overlays (add customizable texts, images, videos to the video screen)
  • custom background (image or video) for Karaoke Singers List
  • new controller supported: Hercules DJControl Jogvision
  • multiple fixes for the Denon MC-4000 controller script

You can read about all the changes on our wiki.

How to update? If you bought future.dj pro from our website directly, you need to simply download the new demo vesion and install it (it will unlock itself automatically). If you purchased from the Mac App Store the update will appear automatically once Apple approves it (a couple of days usually).