We’ve just added 2 new controllers from Hercules:

We now have over 114 controllers that we support natively (zero-configure) in future.dj pro. We have a few more that we’ll soon be adding. You can download the new mappings and copy them to the Controllers folder (see Preferences/Cfg > General > Data Folder > Controllers) or you can simply wait for the next release when we will include them in the setup / installer files.

Hercules DJControl Starlight

The Starlight is an intro-level controller that offers great portability so it’s great for a beginner or as a backup controller. It also has audio outputs (both master and headphones) which is pretty great for a controller of this size.

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200

The Inpulse 200 is more ergonomic being a bit bigger (about the size of a 13″ laptop) and you also get more features. Especially interesting is a BEATMATCH GUIDE feature (that we fully support in future.dj pro) and that, when activated, will literally guide you to do a manual mix. It shows (by using up and down LEDs) if you need to move the pitch/tempo fader up or down to match the BPM of the tracks. It will also guide you to nudge/bend (move the jog-wheel) to align the beats.

In addition, we also added a feature of our own where we use the ASSISTANT to tell you if you have achieved perfect beat-matching. The big led at the top (under the browser/energy knob) will act as a semaphore going red, yellow and green once the mix is just right.

Make sure to also check out Hercules website for more details (and controllers).

Have fun mixing!