We have a new beta version available that we would like you to test and send us feedback. We have made lots of changes and improvements since beta 1 from last month. All these changes will allow for brand new features to be added in the near future (we have a couple of surprises for you).

You can download the new beta 2 for:
Windows 10 (64-bit only)
Mac (macOS 10.14 and above)

Changes (since beta1):

  • migrated settings/data folder from “Documents\future.dj pro” to “AppData\Local\future.dj pro” (Windows) or “Library/Application Support/future.dj pro” (Mac)
  • no full-screen by default on Mac (starting in windowed mode)
  • added support for Numark DJ2GO2 Touch controller
  • added button in Preferences/Cfg to view the settings/data folder
  • ShaderToy working on Mac too
  • fixed screen flickering on some GPUs on Windows (NVidia)
  • fixed drag&drop tracks from Explorer/Finder
  • fixed multiple bugs related to entering/exiting full-screen mode (on both Mac and Windows)
  • fixed window resizing (for both interface/UI and video windows)
  • fixed graphics overlays not showing sometimes
  • fixed several crashes

Known issues:

  • on Mac, if you load a video/karaoke track in deck B (with deck A being empty/no video) the video will be sometimes shown upside-down
  • connected MIDI/HID controllers don’t show in the list

Have fun testing this and please stay safe!