Six months can bring amazing results and that’s exactly what our team has created with version 1.5.0 of pro. Our thanks go to you for all your suggestions and excellent feedback. This is a FREE upgrade to all clients of pro 1.x.x.

We’re also holding a mix stand off for all DJs that will create their session using the powerful ‘always-in-sync’ at a chance to walk away with major discounts. Get the full details about the DJ contest here.

Upgrade now and take advantage of the new DJ arsenal this version brings:

  • always-in-sync (sync-lock/beat-lock) – press Sync once and the song will stay in-sync with the master deck
  • steady-rhythm BPM detection mode (for sync-lock) – works best for songs with perfect tempo (eg. electronic music)
  • colored waveforms (3 distinct layers so you can clearly see the rhythm and RMS/global levels)
  • once you’ve analyzed a file (either by loading it or by using the batch Analyze/all feature) it will load instantly
  • 3 new controllers supported, bringing the list of natively supported MIDI devices to 99:
    • Denon MC7000
    • Hercules P32 DJ (partial support)
    • Reloop Mixon 4
  • added spinner/text to see background tasks status (eg. how many items are still to be processed by ‘Analyze all’)
  • you can now minimize the main window or switch to a different app while the video window will stay visible
  • various bug fixes and optimizations

Of course, there are a multitude of features and additions that we’ll let you discover or you can access the full list of changes and improvements by going here.

Our dedicated team of programmers has brought to life all of your most requested features and this wouldn’t have been possible without your help. Enjoy and we’re looking forward to hearing your mixes.

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