You’ll really like this new (and hopefully final) beta 3 version of pro 1.8. Why? Well, we have made a lot of improvements and it will basically just keep your laptop a lot cooler so you can do cooler things. Yeah, a bit cheesy, I know … but you’ll love it anyway.

You can download the new beta 3 for:
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 10 (32-bit)
Mac (macOS 10.14 and above)

UPDATE (May 30th): we have updated the setup files, please re-download them

What’s new (since the previous beta 2):

  • extensive optimizations and improvements (your laptop should stay much cooler)
  • full support for the Reloop Touch, including a separate interface for the controller’s 7″ screen
  • new controller supported: Numark DJ2GO2 Touch
  • added new setting: “Use max framerate for video/graphics” (works on both Windows and Mac)
  • no longer starting in full-screen mode on Mac (but we do recommend you to enter full-screen mode – it looks/works much better)
  • toggle full-screen mode button
  • fixed: timecoded vinyls on 64-bit Windows
  • fixed: connected MIDI/HID controllers don’t show in the list
  • fixed access to audio inputs in macOS Catalina (eg. for microphone (karaoke) or turntables (vinyl control)) If you still can’t access any audio from the inputs follow these steps:
    • close pro
    • open Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
    • paste this command: “tccutil reset Microphone” (without the quotes) and hit Enter
      All microphone access/permissions should be reset now. Open “ pro” and try again to access the audio inputs – you should see a prompt showing up asking you Accept or Deny access to the microphone.
  • several crash fixes

And please send us any feedback on this new version!