The world is going through troubled times. This Coronavirus pandemic is something of the likes which have not happened in more than 100 years. No matter if you think it’s a government conspiracy or the vengeance of Mother Nature directed to us, there can be no doubt that this world event has completely changed the way we live our lives.

It’s true that as DJs we make our bread through events which is truly impossible to do now. However, this isolation needs to be seen as a chance for rebirth and evolution of our performing skills.

Rather than simply going out and joining the horde of walkers that expose themselves to the potential wrath of the virus, one can take a much more constructive approach towards using this time to better yourself. (Sure, it will be quite difficult for those that are living from one month to the other, but) Realise that you are literally sitting in the world’s most precious commodity… time. Time which can be used to further or simply do the things that you never found the time to do, because you were so busy.

This is a chance that rarely presents itself and must not be confused with a sense of “Ok, timeout! We’re F-ING DOOMED!” or of plain laziness. You are given the chance to rise at the level you’ve always seen yourself at. Regardless if you’re looking to improve your DJ skills, be it beat matching, track selection, FX, looping or maybe just dance moves you always wanted to do while mixing… we need to condition ourselves in order to pull through towards the knowledge we’re seeking to incorporate.

In order to be faithful to our mission we must apply a level of discipline which eliminates all temptations from the place we’re trying to learn/practice at. So this means, find a room where there’s no TV/YouTube or people who can distract you from what it is you’re trying to achieve. Plan out timelines of learning/work/breaks. This will greatly enhance your ability to stick to the plan. Make sure that on the table or spot you’re using in front of you there are only the things you need.

If the outbreak will last a couple of days, you’ll probably just get some practice in, but if this turns out to last a couple of months, you’ll already have perfected a new DJ skill tree. Be safe and mix at home!

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