Never have we had such a powerful sense of dedication when it came to shooting through over 100 DJ controllers that are natively supported by pro. When consulting the tech department on this matter they declared their goal of reaching 101 fully mapped devices, just like the number of dalmatians.

Of course, another controller pup wiggled through bringing the total number to 102. Thank you, Jennifer for sending over your Numark PartyMix just to get your weapon of choice custom mapped :).

The power of version 1.5.1 can only be tapped by acting confidently on your musical force. This takes practice and this can only come from a desire to…

DJs share a connection with their MIDI setup just as Jedis share a connection with their lightsaber. We could call a DJ master’s setup… MIDIchlorian, simply because¬† how midichlorian cells give an edge to a padawan, so to is the setup of a determined DJ crucial for his path. Learning how to map your controller, giving it your custom commands is what can make the difference between a confident performance and a DJ session ending in carbonite shame.

Each of us has his or her favorite DJ setup and since we’re working on a new way of seamless custom mapping we wanted to ask you… What’s your DJ master setup and how do you make it your own?