Pulselocker + pro = together to bring you music streaming for DJs (with offline mode) in a professional DJ software package.

UPDATE: IMPORTANT: we no longer support Pulselocker since they are no longer in business. Thank you for trying it, we are working to add a new streaming service.

Why Pulselocker?

  • play and mix music legally at your club or parties
  • access to over 44 million tracks and 500,000 labels
  • music of major, independent and underground labels
  • DJ your music offline (save tracks to your offline locker)
  • 36 Genres with hand-picked releases
  • all the music you can play for a flat monthly fee
  • integrates directly into pro
  • more details at the Pulselocker website

Why pro?

  • mix audio, video and karaoke
  • over 80 MIDI/HID controllers supported
  • 8 different user interfaces (with 2/4 decks) included
  • built-in audio effects and video transitions/effects
  • harmonic mixing (with key detection)
  • seamless loops, cue-points, 8 sample players
  • powerful browser and database system
  • many more features included

Video overview

Try pro + Pulselocker

You need to activate your free Pulselocker trial account from within pro.
Two weeks free trial for Pulselocker + pro *


(press to enlarge) pro + Pulselocker

video mixing

sample players (samplers)

8 users interfaces included

* if you are not already a pro customer you also get 30-days free trial for pro (20-minutes/session limit, you need to restart the software after each session ends).