We develop all our products on high-tech hardware and software equipments. The main programming languages that we use are C++, Assembler, SQL. On request others are also possible. We support MacOSX, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android development on Intel, Amd, PowerPC, MIPS and ARM based systems.

By using only proven software architecture and flexible designs, we maintain a high level of quality and post-service of our software products, and we strive to give the best support to our customers. All software components are designed to be secure, reusable and scalable.

Some of the technologies that we use/include: DSP (Digital Signal Processing), SIMD (MMX/SSE/AVX/Altivec/NEON), SQL databases, OpenGL/DirectX graphics engines, ASIO, VST, AudioUnits, etc.

Contact us if you need more info.

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