General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules

Postby Xenobase » Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:49 pm

Welcome to the Xylio Forums!

To ensure that everybody enjoys their stay, here are some general rules:

- We have an absolute zero tolerance policy for so called "spambots". These automated accounts have the sole purpose to advertise a product or are used for "Search Engine Optimization". If we detect a spambot: the IP(s) linked to the account will be banned; the e-mail address will be banned; the account will be removed.
- Posting advertisement on our forums may result in us closing and/or deleting your account.
- Posting and creating topics about other DJ software with the sole purpose to advertise, will be removed.

- Only one account per person is allowed. We will consider closing all accounts.
- Advertisement in an account name is not allowed
- Advertisements in your signature are not allowed (linking to a websites on which products are offered for sale)

- Please use the search function before you create a new topic with your question. Your question might be answered before!
- Choose an appropriate subject. HELP ME PLEASE!!! will not make things go faster.
- Please include as much information as possible in your posts when encountering problems with FutureDecks. For example: Your laptop specifications, software running on the laptop in subject (Windows XP Service Pack 1/2/3 - Vista 32bit/64bit Service Pack 0/1/2 - Windows 7 32bit/64bit Service Pack 0/1 - Windows 8 32bit/64bit - MAC OS X 10.x - Linux distribution). Also include if an error message occured or not.
- Do not: Thread Bump, Flame, Troll or Spam.
- Do not start discussions about illegal activities.
- Do not link to any site that contains adult content, sexually oriented material or might be considered offensive. Any post containing such links will be deleted
- Do not link to any site that contain warez/copyrighted materials that can be downloaded illegally.

Please _DO_ follow these rules, otherwise it can result in a warning.

Our Warning System
A first warning.
A second, and final, warning.
If you break any of the rules for the third time, you will get banned temporarely or permanently or your account will be closed depending on how you broke the rules.

Enjoy your stay!
The Xylio Forums Crew

09 Dec 2010 Updated rules
22 May 2011 Removed two rules
10 Jul 2012 Updated spambot rule
21 Feb 2013 Updated list of Operating Systems and their Service Packs
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