About Xylio

Xylio’s mission: XYLIO is an EU-based software company specialized in multimedia software development – audio, video, karaoke – involving Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and real-time programming on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

We have extensive experience in the DJ and audio/video field, but we are also developing other multimedia products, including kiosk and karaoke products. We also make general purpose software like hardware device drivers and firmware. You can also check this website for some of our publicly available multimedia products.

Part of our activity involves developing on-demand software for major international companies in the audio field. We also integrate/connect some of our software products with external hardware (eg. DJ controllers). If you are interested in a cooperation with us feel free to contact us by email for more details.

With DJ software as our main focus since 2003, our mission has always been to provide intuitive and powerful audio-video software with professional features and unprecedented ease-of-use for all types of music lovers. Our dedication towards the audio-video field reflects in the way we develop our software, constantly improving and updating each aspect of each app we make. The aim is to offer great control and flexibility with logical layouts and functionality at an affordable price. We hope that you’ll enjoy using our products as much as we enjoyed making them. Great things happen when passion is in charge.

Thank you,
the XYLIO team