Possible tme code bugs

Possible tme code bugs

Postby djmax » Tue May 25, 2010 6:04 am

When I mix it seems that the waveform stutters, and at times no matter what mode im in fd pro does not allow me to go to the beginning of the song without waiting. I assume its just finding its place on the vinyl, but the lag is quite annoying. Sometimes fd pro doesnt even let me go to the beginning of the track at all. Also, today I got the blue screen of death saying bad pool caller, and fd had a hard time analyzing the song before the bsod popped up. Also, it seems to take a bit longer to analyze a track when using time code as oppossed to just a midi controller. Id love to hear any input/thoughts, comments/solutions.

Toshiba satellite pro
1.5gb ram
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pentium 1.7ghz
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FD Pro 2.0.2
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